An educational institute recovers the life of his former students. A similar ceremony was the 12th JEXCA reunion of this college which was celebrated for three days from 31 December 2015 to 2 January 2016. Successful and smooth hosting of this huge work, and the arrival of the most Honourable President of the country, elevated the honor and dignity of this college to a new height in the national as well as in the international level. The arrival of the Honourable President at a Higher Secondary institution in one of the remote districts of the country was undoubtedly a great success of the college authorities. The commendation and suggestions for the ongoing work of the college on behalf of the Honourable President will lead the college further in the coming days. The arrival of the Honourable President was widely acclaimed in other cadet colleges. Seeing the colourful memories and images of this grand programme, still the foreign dignitaries and visitors get high ideas about the college.