The library of this traditional college is very rich. This college library has a huge collection of books of many famous writers including valuable and reference books. This library is like the Pacific Ocean of Knowledge. The present Principal took the project of transforming the college library into an E-library with the help of an Ex-cadet of this college, renowned industrialist and social worker Mr. Jahidi, and now this development is underway in its last phase of automation process. When the project is completed, it will be considered a mile blade in the history of the college. All of the teachers and cadets will get all the facilities for accessing any modern library in the world from this library, starting or finding any book in a very short time from the library. Besides, enough chair tables have been prepared for sitting. Electric lines have been added for adequate light. Library has become more prosperous as an Ex-cadet of the college Mr. Abu Daud Khan (25/1377) donated nearly five hundred books, and Stowe School from UK also gifted a good number of reference books to this library.