Cadet College as a Residential Education Institute is one of the reasons for the success of the signing of the house because every residential building is not in it. Here they get the opportunity to have their own ancestral house. The present Principal felt the need for these building reforms long ago (1962/63). In his personal effort, the tiles were erected on the floor by renovating the entire floor of Khaibar and Badr Houses with the financial assistance of two ex-cadets of the college, former DC of Jhenaidah, Mr. Mahbub Alam, and the then Major General Md. Nazimuddin, psc, GOC 55 Inf Div and Area Comd, Jessore Area respectively. Due to such infrastructural development, huge excitement was observed among the cadets of the Houses concerned. The neat and cleanliness of their respective Houses help cadets to stay clean and to focus on study. The morale reaches the sky high too.