The present era is the era of Information Technology. The world has now become a global village. Leaning behind the technology means to be isolated from the main stream. Keeping this in mind, the current Principal of the college has already upgraded the existing computer lab, transforming the old patterned and less equipped computer lab to a larger modern ICT lab. As a government institution, there is scarcity of budget. So he continued his efforts to receive donations from prominent ex-cadets of the college. As a result of the personal efforts of the Principal, this college could install the latest ICT Lab with 30 computers and accessories for which the college would remain indebted to "Zahedee Foundation" founded by Mr. Nasser Shahrear Zahedee, a successful ex-cadet of this college. In the past, where only three of the four functioning computers were used to conduct all the computer education programmemes of the college, now it has got the expected speed of modernity enhancing both quality and quantity of the lab resources. Now it is possible to teach all the cadets of a section of any class at the same time. In addition,by providing internet connection to all the computers of the entire ICT Lab, the ICT Lab has now become the hub of the entire College Information Technology. Due to the demands of modernity and reality, the ICT Lab is made air-conditioned and because of it, the beauty and utility have increased greatly. Here the teachers also get all the opportunities to make all the preparations for their lesson contents with the help of multimedia in connection with modernity. Since all the cadets are passing adolescence, there are arrangements for necessary observation that they may not misuse the Internet during classes.

If you see the old and current pictures of the ICT Lab, then anyone can find its original revision. The former Cadet Lieutenant General Md. Mahfuzur Rahman, rcds, ndc, afwc, psc, PhD, AFD Prime Minister's Office, Dhaka Cantonment inaugurated the renovated laboratory and thanked the Principal for overall development of the college.

Every teacher can take all the internet access to safety in the teacher's place, so everyone has a different IP system. Apart from this, there has been a provision of low-cost internet in the teachers' residential area, which has given unrivaled facilities to each family in general. In the exclusive effort of the present Principal, a self-contained internet server room opened beside the College Officers' Mess. Education officials have been brought under the administrative office and officer's mess Wi-Fi for ease of work.