Games and Sports in this college is an important extra-curricular part in abreast with the studies in everyday life of the Cadets. It helps the Cadets to build up their strong and sound body, high morality, mental strength and competitive attitude in the battle field of real life. Games are played in all weekdays except Thursday maximum 45 minutes for the junior cadets and maximum 60 minutes for the senior cadets.


  1. Cricket
  2. Football
  3. Basketball
  4.  Volleyball
  5. Swimming
  6. Athletics




  1. Chess
  2. Table Tennis
  3. Carom



The stage of Jhenaidah cadet college plays a vital role in flourishing the latent talents of its cadets.Throughout the year the stage remains busy with the following inter house competitions: Quirat, Extempore Speech (Bengali and English), Debate (Bengali and English), General Knowledge, Current affairs display, and Music competitions. The three houses organize their own house cultural nights at the end of each term. Besides, they take part in creative cultural competition.


Music is the greatest creation which helps man to manifest humanity in him. It is capable of breaking boundaries to unite people from different background and cultural heritage. To make students proficient in music, Jhenaidah Cadet College provides its students with music class twice a week. Besides, it arranges inter-house music competition to create competitive mind in cadets. In competition, Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul song, Folk song, Modern song and Patriotic songs are performed.


Jhenaidah Cadet College is well known for nurturing the literary minds of the cadets. To develop the literary skill of cadets, it provides cadets’ house-wise training on extempore speech ( Bangla and English), Debate  ( Bangla and English),  General knowledge, painting, wall magazine, Math Olympiad etc. House teachers usually conduct such training sessions. Besides, cadets arrange Current Affairs Display. It provides cadets with scopes for displaying current affairs under the guidance and supervision of house tutors. Apart from these, cadets get opportunity to participate in different national and international competitions which enrich their knowledge and experience.


ICCLMM i.e. Inter Cadet College Literary and Music Meet is an important event in cadet colleges. In this literary and music meet cadets from different colleges get an opportunity to mix with each other, to share their ideas and also to prove their excellence. At present, this biannual event takes place with much enthusiasm.