Birsrestho Jahangir Academic Building

The Academic Building of Jhenidah Cadet College has been designed following the architectural structure of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. This building works as the centre of all educational activities of the college. Besides 12 classrooms, three laboratories, three modern galleries, one well equipped ICT lab, one language lab and one museum are present here. To flourish and nurture the co-curricular skills of the cadets, well decorated Birsrestho Mostofa Kamal Auditorium is attached with this building. The central library of the college named Birsrestho Abdur Rouf Library with 16000 books is also included in this building to provide ample scopes for the cadets to gather vast knowledge of different fields. For engineering lessons and activities, there is a workshop. In fact, all kinds of activities regarding knowledge and skill of the cadets are done centering this Birsrestho Jahangir Academic block.

Hunain House

Hunain House

Established: July 1967

House motto: Concentration in meditation.            House color: Red

House motto: concentration in meditation.  House colure: Red, Naming : this house is named after the name of the battle of Hunain. When intolerant of the victory of Mecca by the prophet(sm), the two tribes, Howazin of mecca and safiq of tayef, abetted by the Bedouin attempted  to obliterate the  advancement of Islam the prophet(sm), with 12000(in another view 18000)n troops advanced to face. Them in 630 AD (8Hijri).  Though more in number than in any previous battles, the Muslims were about to be defeated but they soon overcame the setback and got victory only for the outstanding leadership and unique gallantry of the prophet(sm).

Teaching “ The Hunainians will be imbued with the belief that absolutely loyal to discipline and leadership though not many in number, the fighters can win the battle."

Badr House

Badar House

Established: June 1964.  

House motto: Ever radiant in deed.            House color: Green

Naiming: This house is named after the name of the battle of Badar in the history of Islam. The Qurayesh of Mecca with 100 soldieas advanced towards Medina in match 624 AD (Ramadan. 2Hijri).  Hazrat Muhammad (sm) with 313 followers faced them at a place named Badar. Though small in number and weak in military power.  The Muslims got victory for firm determination and deep-rooted faith in almighty Allah. Of the unbelievers 70 were killed and 70 imprisoned whereas of the Muslims only 13 embraced martyrdom.

Teaching: To make this name meaningful the Badrians endowed with strong confidence and firm belief in Almighty Allah, have to be determined and devoted to selfless work

Khaiber House

Khaiber House

Established: March 1965

House motto: Austere  devotion to work.           House colour: Blue.

Naiming: Khaiber house is named after the name of the battle of Khaiber led by the prophet (sm).  He (sm) with 1500 (in another view 1600) troopa advanced in july 628 AD ( moharram 7 Hijri)  to face the jewish tribes , Gatfan and Nazir who violated the conditions of the Hudaibia treaty and plotted to destroy Islam. The conspiracy hatched by the jew was foiled in the battle held at the Hudaibia treaty and plotted to destroy Islam. The conspiracy hatched by the jew was foiled in the battle held at the place named khaiber 140 miles noth. West from Medina. In the battle 15 disciples embaced martyrdom while of the jew 93 where killed.

Teaching: Inspired by the ideal of this battle the Khaiberians will inculcate and foster in their character the firm determination to fight against any wrong doings.

Pt Parade Ground

There is a large PT parade ground in the Jhenidah cadet college where the cadets   exercise PT Parade, drill every morning as a part of elementary military training.  Here inter house PT and drill competition is taken place.

Play Ground

The play ground of the Jhenidah cadet college is enlarged having good scenarie. This play ground is arranged for foot ball, cricket, and volley ball basketball and loan tennis court with a nice view. Cadets play games every day afternoon in this ground maintaining their physical fitness and also make the sportsmanlike behaviors.

Athletics Ground

There is a big play ground with natural beauty for games and sports of the cadets in the Jhenidah cadet college. A part of the play ground is arranged for athletics ground with eye-catching view during the annual sports competitions of the college. Here 400m circulate track and 100m linear track is made for the inter–house Athletics competition of the cadets every year. To conduct the field events necessary measure is taken in different points. The athletes are to take part in the many events following the rules and regulations of the Olympic Games.