Blessed and hallowed by the foot-steps of twelve legendary saints, tinged with the memory of Bir Shrestho Hamidur Rahman and poet Golam Mostafa, and purged by the holy water of the river Nabaganga, Jhenaidah (former name-Jhinukdah) is noted for Jhenaidah Cadet College. Situated in the midst of south-western flora of Bangladesh, Jhenaidah Cadet College is one of the most renowned educational institutions in the conventional frame of imparting liberal all-round education to younger generation of the country. This great traditional institution was inaugurated by Abdul Monem Khan, erstwhile Governor of East Pakistan, on 18 October 1963. The college started functioning with the appointment of the Principal on 26 April 1964. Lt Col N D Hasan, AEC, was the first Principal of Jhenaidah Cadet College. Directly guided by the Adjutant General of Bangladesh Army, being the Chairman of the governing bodies, the college is run under the Ministry of Defense. At present there are twelve Cadet Colleges in the country. Of them three are exclusively for the girls and nine others for the boys. Jhenaidah Cadet College is the second of its kind as per seniority of establishment and it is for the boys. All the Cadet Colleges are exclusively residential in nature, and considered as the feeder institutions of the Armed Forces. The noble purpose for the establishment of the Cadet Colleges is to produce qualified and patriotic officers for both military and civil services of the country. And Jhenaidah Cadet College proudly claims to have retained highly traditional image and achievements in comparison with cadet colleges but also over other educational institutions in materializing the mission and vision to produce brightest citizens since its inception.

Daily Life

Since this is an exclusively residential institution, it is assumed that special efforts will be made to devise a worthwhile daily schedule for Cadets during the term. The purpose of such a daily schedule is to indicate broadly the orientation that is required for the physical and mental development of Cadets according to the demand of time. The details of the daily schedule will determine their involvement in different activities of the day within the time frame from 0530 hrs to 2245 hrs.

The following activities are mandatory for them: 

a. PT for 30 minutes in all weekdays other than days specified for parade and holidays. SSC & HSC candidates would be exempted from the same one month prior to the start of their exams.

b. Parade for 30 minutes on every Saturday and Wednesday except holiday. Principal’s parade will take place on 1st Saturday of the month. SSC & HSC candidates would be exempted from one month prior to the start of exam.

c. College Assembly for 15 minutes on 2nd Saturday of the month.

d. House Assembly for 15 minutes on every Tuesday.

e. Form Meeting for 15 minutes, on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday of the week.

f. Formal schooling and learning about 280 minutes on all workdays.

g. Meal timings from breakfast to dinner – 100 minutes every day.

h. Afternoon rest about 60 minutes every day.

j. Free time / Self study about 30-40 minutes.

k. Extra drill / Detention for 30 minutes during games time.

l. Compulsory games time 40-45 minutes for juniors and 50-60 minutes for seniors in the afternoon on all weekdays except Thursday and holidays. Optional games may be played on Friday / holiday morning and afternoon.    

m. Club / Society activities for 60 minutes during games time on 1st Thursday of the month.

n. Mughrib prayer for 20 minutes every day.

p. Lesson preparation for 160 to 180 minutes in two/three shifts.

q. House Inspection by the Principal on 3rd Thursday of the month.

r. House Inspection by the House Masters on 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month. If Principal’s Inspection does not take place, it will be replaced by House Master’s Inspection. 

s. Film show/Cultural evening; once a week on Thursday evening.

t. College Stage Competition (CSC) during 6th and 7th periods on Thursday of the week.

u. Reading facilities at College Library / House Reading Room on workdays during free time.

v. Reading facilities at House Reading Room on holidays.

w. Letter writing hour after breakfast every Friday.

x. Sleeping time at night minimum for 6 hours.

PT and Parade

Adequate physical training (PT), Parade for balanced physical and mental health is necessary for a cadet. Cadets carry out morning PT four days a week on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday for half an hour according to time specified in the daily schedule. Parade is taken place two days a week on Saturday and Wednesday in the morning for half an hour according to the Daily Schedule. Principal’s parade is taken place on 1st Saturday of the month.

Military Training

Jhenidah Cadet College (JCC) like other Cadet Colleges is an autonomous residential and feeder institute of defense forces. One of the main objective of cadet colleges is to provide elementary military training with a view to preparing them for induction in to Armed Forces as offices. As a part of elementary military training, PT, drill games, sports, cultural program stage competition compulsory for all the cadets. There is a practice of Inter House Novices Drill Competition for the new cadets of class VII. Moreover, every year Inter House Cross Country and Obstacle Course Competition is arranged for all the cadets which strengthen the elementary military training. The main notion of these kinds of training is to ensure physical, mental and spiritual growth of the cadets. To infuse high sense of morality, responsibility, integrity, leadership quality, discipline and patriotism through motivation from Army, Navy and Air force being conducted at a regular interval.